It’s an organization that is at the service of all the Contact Sports of the world.

It is a modern and innovative organization of all styles and disciplines.

In Spain there are about 6,000 affiliate partners, around 350,000 members in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Over 2,300 affiliated schools in the world connected interactively to GBF.

Welcomes all Contact Sports BOXING, MMA, KICK BOXING, FULL-CONTACT, MUAY THAI, K-1, SAVATE, etc…

This organization is represented at national and international level. Each style has its own rules and criteria.

Democratic representations through the representatives, regional, national and international delegates.

Granted degrees and degrees recognized by GBF and other legitimate national and international organizations.

We maintain a Central national and international degrees, including curriculum of each affiliate.

We maintain a list of promotions for members of all contact sports, according to ability, contribution and responsibility.

We offer courses, colloquia, seminars, examinations of degrees at national and international level.

International, national and regional Championships are held in all styles. 

GBF is presided over by EMILIO BERTRAN, this organization has an international level and therefore it is governed by its own statutes and internal regulations, legal entity with full capacity to act.


25002 – LLEIDA (SPAIN)

TEL/ FAX: +34 973 30 09 26